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Rescued from slaughterhouse: Dogs find a new home after surviving the dogs meat industry

(Envie pictured above, one of the rescued dogs now, courtesy to the Soi Dog Foundation) Thanks to the Soi Dog Foundation, based in Thailand, pets are being rescued from the dogs’ meat trade and find a second chance in adoring UK homes after surviving shocking abuse. Numerous puppies and dogs were spared from meat trucks on […]

Touch a life: changing lives one meal at a time

From a simple beginning of few meals, Touch A life Cambodia has grown to serving more than 6000 meals a month to various communities within and beyond Siem Reap Town, Cambodia. Touch a life’s nutritious meals of vegetables, tofu and eggs are necessary supplements to the generally sparse Cambodian diet of rice, preserved fish paste […]

How planting trees can help reduce your carbon footprint

You don’t have to learn any complicated mathematical formulas or use a carbon footprint calculator to determine your carbon footprint. This is the down and dirty… 1) The average North American’s impact is 20 metric tons of carbon per year. 2) Your carbon footprint comes from 4 main components which are housing, transportation, food, and your consumption of products […]