Rescued from slaughterhouse: Dogs find a new home after surviving the dogs meat industry

(Envie pictured above, one of the rescued dogs now, courtesy to the Soi Dog Foundation)

Thanks to the Soi Dog Foundation, based in Thailand, pets are being rescued from the dogs’ meat trade and find a second chance in adoring UK homes after surviving shocking abuse.

Numerous puppies and dogs were spared from meat trucks on their approach to butcher thanks to the great work of this organization.

You wouldn’t think it when looking at them now, yet these poor dogs were once wavering the edge of death – some of them saved from trucks made a beeline for Asian slaughterhouses, where they would have wound up as meat.

On account of Thailand-based creature protect activity, Soi Dog Foundation, the lives of these enchanting canines have been changed – and they are presently all situated in the UK with loving families.

Envie (Main picture), after being rescued, was found in a chicken box loaded with pooches on the back of a lorry pressed with cartons of puppies, and therefore, she’s as yet terrified of huge trucks.

‘Yet, now he’s an extremely glad girl, who took in a flash to life in the UK and, due to her delicate nature, is cherished by everybody she meets.’

Thanks to the hard work of this organization that we support, hundreds of dogs are rescued each year and can find a second happy life with love and care.