Touch a life: changing lives one meal at a time

From a simple beginning of few meals, Touch A life Cambodia has grown to serving more than 6000 meals a month to various communities within and beyond Siem Reap Town, Cambodia.

Touch a life’s nutritious meals of vegetables, tofu and eggs are necessary supplements to the generally sparse Cambodian diet of rice, preserved fish paste and leaves and ferns foraged from the countryside bushes. In the current economic situation garment factories have closed down and the construction industry has also ground to a halt. These industries were the main source of jobs for Cambodians and many people found themselves suddenly jobless.

Most have turned to rummaging through bin for items that can be sold for recycling. Too many among them are young children who do not go to school because they must work to supplement the family’s income. These families live in slums close to dumpsites and rivers, which, during rainy season, overflow, flooding the area with rubbish and effluence.

Also living within these communities are many single mothers, many of whom were abused and abandoned by their husbands, leaving them homeless and with children to feed. With so many people to serve, TAL has decided to develop further its program in Cambodia.

More about the great work of this oganization (video courtesy of ourbeterworld):